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That’s The Beauty Of exists to bridge the gap between businesses and consumers using specifically tailored strategies and carefully customized creative solutions.

Take your brand to the next level and stay ahead of the game. We research trends relevant to your industry and target audience, interpret them and customize their application to product development and marketing strategy.

Staying focused on just the beauty markets allows us to ensure our direction is focused and refined so you're delivering product that’s relevant and saleable.

Why Trend Forecasting?

Forecasting is used in almost every area of business today. Accurate analysis of consumer trends is vital in informing brand direction and development, in the creation of relevant products and services and ultimately in ensuring their success.

01 Confidence

Incorporating trend forecasting into your design will give you the confidence to create accurate, on-point products for your specific audience, focus your efforts in profitable directions and lower investment risks.

02 A Mobile Environment

Trends are broad social and cultural directions and they are shaped by nearly every factor in our life: the latest technologies, a changing economy, political climate, popular media and the global state of events. Trying to shape a picture of what the future will look like is essential to stay ahead of the game. We help brands envision this picture, evidencing what the future concerns of consumers will be and helping our clients develop product ranges and marketing messages that reflect these needs.

03 Ad-Hoc Insight

Trend Forecasting enables you to expand your customer base and increase sales without unnecessary investment. Our ad-hoc insights give your brand focus and relevance, increasing your competitive advantage.


About Us

Founded by Katie Fielding, That’s The Beauty Of transcends the idea of a “one size fits all” path, with a focus on bridging the gap between passion and purpose. "As a forecaster, I look at many things for inspiration, like the runways, retail trends, colour and design, art, media, pop culture as well as design movements outside of beauty, like technology trends, science and architecture. All can provide signs of change, but I also think we need to look beyond all of that to the bigger picture to define consumer trends, cultural trends, political movements, lifestyles and other currents that are shaping the world at a much higher level." - Katie